Ground-breaking ceremony for LEILAC’s carbon capture pilot project

LEILAC Pilot Plant 3D Model


LEILAC (Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement) will pilot a breakthrough technology that has the potential to enable both Europe’s cement and lime industries to reduce their emissions dramatically while retaining, or even increasing international competitiveness.

The best available technologies for cement and lime have no carbon capture capability.  The international and EU community recognises that CO2 emissions contribute to climate change, and the most practical approach to reducing such emissions to-date for the cement and lime industries has been to increase kiln efficiencies and utilise alternative fuels. 

The Innovation in Industrial Carbon Capture Conference also celebrated the ground-breaking of the LEILAC project’s pilot plant hosted at HeidelbergCement’s Lixhe cement plant. This marks the start of the construction of the pilot plant.

The centrepiece of the LEILAC project is a demonstration facility at the HeidelbergCement plant in Lixhe, Belgium.  The Innovation in Industrial Carbon Capture Conference, with over 130 international experts (more details here), also oversaw the official ground breaking ceremony of the LEILAC pilot. This marked the start of the construction phase of the pilot, which will see Calix’s carbon capture technology demonstrated at HeidelbergCement’s operational plant in Lixhe. Commissioning is currently scheduled to be completed before April 2019, and testing will run until the end of 2020.



Dr Alert Scheuer marks the occasion of the ground breaking event by signing the official LEILAC pilot plant image

Mr Christoph Streicher, general director of HeidelbergCement Benelux, noted: “For years, the HeidelbergCement Group, parent company of CBR, has been working hard to continuously decrease its environmental footprint. However, to remain competitive and to meet the climate change goals, further improvement is necessary. We are very proud to soon host the pilot installation of such a large and important project. Today, we have the opportunity to work for the protection of our planet. Let's take this opportunity and start writing the first chapters of tomorrow's story.”

Dr Alert Scheuer Signs LEILAC Image