Leilac Expert Insight Series: Jaap Vente, TNO

on the industrial CCS technology

Dr. Jaap Vente - sustainable process technology at TNO talks about the industrial CSS technology being piloted by Project LEILAC.


LEILAC (Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement) will pilot a breakthrough technology that has the potential to enable both Europe’s cement and lime industries to reduce their emissions dramatically while retaining, or even increasing international competitiveness.

The best available technologies for cement and lime have no carbon capture capability.  The international and EU community recognises that CO2 emissions contribute to climate change, and the most practical approach to reducing such emissions to-date for the cement and lime industries has been to increase kiln efficiencies and utilise alternative fuels. 

In this third video of the Leilac Expert Insight, Jaap Ventes describes Project LEILAC as the ‘only way forward’ for the lime and cement industry - with an environmental-appropriate technology, low impact, and low cost when compared to other technologies.


TNO is the leading institute for energy research in the Netherlands and in Europe. Its mission is to develop high-level knowledge and technology for a sustainable energy system and to transfer it to the market.

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This project has received € 12m of funding from Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation of the European Union under the grant agreement No 654465.