Project LEILAC in Euronews 

LEILAC Pilot Plant


LEILAC (Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement) will pilot a breakthrough technology that has the potential to enable both Europe’s cement and lime industries to reduce their emissions dramatically while retaining, or even increasing international competitiveness.

The best available technologies for cement and lime have no carbon capture capability.  The international and EU community recognises that CO2 emissions contribute to climate change, and the most practical approach to reducing such emissions to-date for the cement and lime industries has been to increase kiln efficiencies and utilise alternative fuels. 

Capturing CO2: How to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the cement industry

Project LEILAC appeared in a TV documentary on latest European research to reduce CO2 emissions in cement manufacturing.
The report was a co-production between EuroNews and the European Commission, and was part of a programme called Futuris, on European science, research and innovation.


Researchers believe the technology behind a pilot reactor, that´s already able to absorb 5% of a cement factory's total carbon dioxide emissions, could contribute to reaching a target of 80% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in Europe by 2050.